Where am I?

And just where have I been?  Not blogging, that’s for sure.

My blogging backlog is big.  Sorry about that.

Part 3 of the series on how to estimate training development time is almost done.  I want to include a walk-thru of a fabulous tool I’ve been using since starting my business.  And it’s going to be better if I grab the screenshots from my home computer.  Look for this next month!

I’ve also been getting lots of suggestions of conferences to add to the Learning & Development Conferences list.  Thank you and keep ’em coming!  I’m working on an update and expanding the list to include conferences from around the world as well as more industry-specific events.

I’ve learned that there are a ton of events out there!  I’m not sure that a .pdf file is going to be the best format to list them all. What do you think about getting the list as a spreadsheet that you could by location, focus area, or cost?  Let me know in the comments. My plan is to get the updated list out to subscribers sometime in June.  Sign up here to get the current list and all future updates.

So, if I haven’t been blogging, what have I been doing?

April was packed with client work, one of my busiest months yet. I’ve been developing decks, delivering training, and editing knowledge base articles. I’ve also been digging into more efficient ways to customize decks and documents. I have base materials where the text remains the same, but the images need to change by audience.  The brute force method involves breaking down the document into xml and then swapping out the images directory.  I’m not sure I gain much efficiency over just going through the deck and using the Change picture command.  I have to practice a few more times and time myself.

I’m also looking at a couple of tools that could do this more easily, and possibly also quicker.  But, they come with a steeper learning curve, so I want to explore more of their features before I commit to purchasing a license.

And where am I now?

Being able to take the time to build skills and dig deeper into a topic is something I really enjoy.  As a consultant, I place a high priority on learning new things. The time I spend is not billable, but it’s just as valuable.

So, for a couple of days this week, I’m in beautiful Montreal, Canada attending the ISPI conference. The main event kicks off tonight.  You can follow the event on Twitter using #ISPI17.





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