Employee development

made simple.


A passion for performance

Investing in your people pays back dividends to the company and its customers


Make a strong first impression and get your new employees up to speed fast!

Compliance Training

Ensure that every employee understands what the rules are and why they’re important.

Software and Systems

Technical training for all levels, including best practices for information security.

Processes and Tasks

Job aids and documentation to get the job done correctly every time.

Soft Skills

Best practices to deliver exceptional customer service and work as a team.


Measure performance against metrics that align with company goals and values.

Let’s talk!

Hi! I’m Diane Weir, The Training Aide!

I’ve worked in Training & Development with companies of all sizes, from all over the world, for the past 25 years. The best part of my job is helping individuals and companies succeed.

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, music, cooking, and contra dancing.

The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave

is not training them and having them stay.

henry ford, founder, ford motor company